Ambergris Civet Caramel Mukhallat 3ml

Ambergris Civet Caramel Mukhallat 3ml

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Ambergris Civet Caramel Mukhallat -
an irresistible complex yet delicate composition
of Golden Ambergris and Civet Musk,
truly a heavenly-scent,
of which delicately roasted natural Caramel swims in a stream of Ambergris,
carried by a Buttery wave of euphoria,
intoxicatingly delicious, mature

With a discrete infusion at its crest,
a commingling of royal amber,
rides the current to an annihilated heart,
and a path to reflect and chart its profound magnifi-scent course
to independence and individuality

Slightly animalic, this rich and sophisticated fragrance,
is the captain among mates,
the leader amongst those who dare to be different,
and with confidence assuage the senses
with the finer delights of olfactory satisfaction
guaranteed essence-tial value.

Fresh Ambergris is black, sticky-soft and tar like, with a fecal smell like scented cow dung. After years or decades floating in the ocean and getting oxidized by the sun and salt water, the pungent odor will change beyond recognition by becoming earthy, seaweed-seawater like, reminiscent of tobacco or musty old wood; animal musky with a peculiar sweet odor unique to ambergris.

The Civet is a small sized, slender omnivorous solitary mammal which is native to the tropical (southeast) Asia and Africa. Out of the dozen species of civet, the African (Palm) Civet (Civettictis civetta) is the most known, as this is the main species the civet musk comes from. The actual musk substance and scent produced by the male and female animals' perineal glands is also called 'civet', and is highly regarded as a fragrance and fixative within perfumery. The African Civet is uniquely recognized with black and white stripes and blotches, large hind quarters and an erectile dorsal crest. Names used for the Civet is "toddycat" in English and "musang" in Malay, though referring to the African Civet as 'civet cat' is misleading, as this animal is not a feline, but in fact related to weasels and mongooses.

The actual musk substance and scent produced by the male and female animals' perineal glands is called 'civet' as well, being highly regarded as a fragrance and fixative within perfumery. Other names include 'civette' in Middle French, 'zibetto' in Italian or 'zabAd' in Arabic. Civet Coffee, 'Kopi Luwak' is an aromatic, prized flavor of coffee, produced from coffee beans that have gone through the civet's digestive system after the animals have eaten the flesh of the coffee cherries, but passed the indigestible beans. A pound (0.45 kg) of this fine coffee can cost up to $600 or $100 for a brewed cup.

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