Ambergris Indian Ocean Rose Anatoli 3ml

Ambergris Indian Ocean Rose Anatoli 3ml

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Mesmerizing blend of Ambergris Indian Ocean and Anatolian Rose, a rich Mukhallat which is sweetly musky and floral, recommended for men and women.


The Rose has been appreciated throughout history since ancient times in Greece, China, India, Persia and Roman Empire.The Chinese had been growing roses for thousands of years, some records of rose cultivation date back to the 11th century BC. Some of these roses began to reach Europe in the late 18th century. The aromatic value of the rose is highly regarded in perfumery, where it gives a penetrating and long lasting sweet note to compositions. The complex floral and exotic scent of rose has been seen as feminine, though in the Eastern cultures, both men and women use this fine fragrance by itself. Wearing rose would show the social rank of the person; in the early times the nobles, royalty and the affluent were the only ones who could afford to wear rose scent. Rose oil is also used as an emollient in skin care, and is appreciated for its mind calming and spiritually uplifting quality in aroma therapeutic applications.


Due to sperm whale's inability to digest sharp squid beaks, it produces ambergris, an intestinal secretion which protects the stomach lining of the whale. This secretion hardens and is expelled as waste by the whale and can be found floating in the waters where the sperm whales reside; off the coasts of Africa, New Zealand, the Mid East and South East Asia. Since the demand of rare ambergris far outweighs the production - only a mere 1% of the male sperm whales produce ambergris - finding genuine ambergris washed ashore will soon be a thing of the past.


Our black Indian Ocean Ambergris oil is naturally thick, rich and exceptionally musky sweet. The oil based Solide Parfum has a natural licorice like herbal top note, which mellows down into the sweet slightly oceanic animalic 'basement like mildewy' muskiness that will stay on your skin for 24 hours, maybe longer.
Perfumer's Note: Black ambergris is the rawest form of ambergris, which means that it lacks the overtly sweet note like that of the golden and white ambergris varieties, hence it tends to be less expensive on the market. The defining character of black ambergris is similar to that of tar or pitch. The essences of note is oceanic, animalic fecal, mildewy, sour, bittersweet, musky, sharp, penetrating and naturally spicy similar to that of dried cloves.

This is a robust bold fragrance best suited for those who prefer perfumes that have animalic oceanic dark notes such as opium, cistus, opomax, labdanum or pepper, and who are not intimidated by such a distinguished and assertive fragrance. Truly an oil to add variety to the connoisseur's already well stocked repertoire of fine essential essences. Lastly, it is sweet, but is the least sweet of them all. In addition, as it is a complex scent all on its own, it also blends well with leather notes, woody notes and floral notes, adding an evocative, aphrodisiac and addictive character to fine essences... olfactory pleasure par excellence.


$30-35 for White or Gray Ambergris, $20-25 Golden, $10-15 for Black Ambergris

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