Ambre Gris Mélange de Fruits Solid Cream Perfume in Lakh Box 10g

Ambre Gris Mélange de Fruits Solid Cream Perfume in Lakh Box 10g

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In addition to the Art Parfums of the Collection, we are pleased to introduce Solid Cream Perfumes (Creme Parfum) with natural ingredients. These scents are the perfect addition to your already well stocked perfume collection and an excellent choice for the ones who want a non alcohol based fragrance. The perfume jars are practical for slipping into a pocket or purse, and using for on-the-go freshness. The line of Solid Cream Perfumes are excellent worn by themselves, but will make wonderful deep and enticing scents when layered with fragrance oils and Art Parfum sprays.

Ambre Gris Mélange de Fruits, a heavenly compote of addictive qualities...Oceanic, musky white Ambergris laced with luscious red berries, sun warmed and picked at their peak of freshness. As a exotic touch, ripe Papaya brings a tropical note to the fragrance. The smooth, vanillic sweetness makes this Gourmet Creme Parfum oh so yummy...and makes you undoubtedly go back for seconds! Truly a delightful unisex scent, which is rich and exquisite, and most definitely will create an intriguing ambiance to arouse the senses of the ones in your presence.

Your cream perfume comes in a hand crafted decorative lakh container. This round metal box has a diameter of about 1.5 inches and a height of 1.25 inches, and when empty will become perfect keepers for small treasures, such as bakhoor, cones, pieces of jewellery or perfumes. (We have a range of colors - please specify color when ordering and if in stock, we will ship the one you prefer.)

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