Black Ambergris 'Indian Ocean' 3ml

Black Ambergris 'Indian Ocean' 3ml

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This Black Ambergris oil, named "Indian Ocean", was offered exclusively by Agarscents Bazaar back in 2006 as it was designed and composed using an authentic recipe by Sharif LaRoche for the LaRoche Collection. The Original cannot be compared to the many copycats and versions that has followed after its launch - the character, high quality and uniqueness remains unparalleled.


Our black Indian Ocean Ambergris oil is naturally thick, rich and musky sweet. It rubs on with a natural licorice like herbal top note, which mellows down into the sweet slightly oceanic animalic 'basement like mildewy' muskiness that stays on your skin for hours.
Perfumer's Note: Black ambergris is the rawest form of ambergris, which means that it lacks the overtly sweet note like that of the golden and white ambergris varieties, hence it tends to be less expensive on the market. The defining character of black ambergris is similar to that of tar or pitch. The essences of note is oceanic, animalic fecal, mildewy, sour, bittersweet, musky, sharp, penetrating and naturally spicy similar to that of dried cloves.


Due to the sperm whale's inability to digest squid beaks, it produces ambergris, an intestinal secretion to protect the stomach lining. The secretion hardens within the body and gets expelled as waste, and can be found floating in the waters where the sperm whales reside; off the coasts of Africa, New Zealand, the Middle East and South East Asia. Ambergris has become a rare commodity and one of the most sought after substances in the world. Since the demand of rare ambergris far outweighs the production - only a mere 1% of the male sperm whales produce ambergris - finding genuine ambergris washed ashore will soon be a thing of the past.


Mar 10, 2014

"The customer service convinced me of the quality even before I received the products. And the products were of fabulous quality . They even gave me a sweet treat with the product. I would definitely recommend and buy from them again."

Jun 20, 2014

"fantastic buying experience. very pleased with my purchase. highly recommended"

Dec 16, 2014

"Perfect for me. Many thanks."

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