Orange Blossom & Bois D'Agar Solid Perfume Spray 7ml

Orange Blossom & Bois D'Agar Solid Perfume Spray 7ml

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Orange Blossom & Bois D'Agar (Agarwood), an exotic fragrance of Orange Blossom, Agarwood, Vanilla and Essence of Istambuli Rose.

Fresh, citrusy-orange scent with the complementing mid notes of soothing vanilla and exquisite Rose of Istambul, in a base of Oudh. Truly a favorite of the Sharif LaRoche Collection - Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Top note: Sweet Neroli (Orange Blossom)

Middle notes: Warm Vanilla, Istambuli Rose Turkish

Base note: Agarwood/Spice


Accompaniment to our French Arabian Art Parfum, masterfully composed signature scents by Sharif Laroche, Perfumer par excellence...we are pleased to offer Solide Parfum Naturel - exquisite, highly concentrated fragrances of depth and sophistication. These scent-sational Eastern essences are exclusive of the Laroche Collection of Art Parfums, Ancient scents brought out into the present. Richer in scent and texture than Eau de Parfum, carefully composed as Natural Parfum Sprays with a high content of pure oil base, these treasured scents will be lingering on your skin, leaving a most scent-sational soothing ambiance of complete olfactory pleasure. High quality essence in a small package - exceptional value now offered at a most reasonable price in a Connoisseur's Collection of Scents.


Aug 18, 2014

"very pretty, soft... nice for summer, I appreciate the drops of others to sample, now I know what to buy next! thank you again"

Aug 21, 2014

"Lasting smell and uplifting.....great shipping time......overall great transaction......will shop here again.....thanks very much..!!!!!"

May 13, 2015


Jun 2, 2015

"Thank you! Very lovely seller and products!"

Jul 16, 2015

"It's a very nice scent. It does start off a bit strong (comparatively speaking, it?s really very light compared to normal brand names) but quickly mellows out to a sweet floral scent. It's more floral than citrus, I didn't really notice any citrus at all. With my order came a nice chocolate square and three sample perfumes I also received a small bottle of the amber rose perfume for free because I ordered during the promotion period. I love the amber rose and will definitely order the full size."


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